Nose Surgery (MtF)

What You Need To Know About Our Nose Surgery Services

You need to avail of the array of nose surgery services on offer at Urban Beauty Thailand if you intend on making a convincing physical change from male to female. Unfortunately, a person’s nose is one of those facial features that can attract or repel another individual immediately. Without the right nose surgery services, you’re destined to carry an obviously masculine nose with you throughout your life. Your best efforts to look completely female will be for nothing.


Female noses tend to be much smaller than men’s and the female bridge is straighter and narrower. If there is a curvature, it is normally a gentle one. The tip of a female nose is generally more sharply defined than its male counterpart. Even the angles between the nose and the top of the forehead look different in the sexes. Clearly, transforming your physical appearance from male to female will take some work.

rhinoplasty mtfAt Urban Beauty Thailand, we have some of the worlds premier cosmetic surgeons working as part of our team and with their help, we can offer a variety of nose surgery services including:

The entire process of feminizing the nose will take less than two hours. You will be given general anesthesia and be asked to spend up to two nights in hospital. The recovery process can be uncomfortable but the staff at Urban Beauty Thailand will help you every step of the way. All members of our team are fluent English speakers with many of our staff boasting work experience abroad in English speaking countries.

Potential Risks And Complications

Although all nose surgery services on offer are safe and performed by experts, we are obliged to inform you of a number of potential risks/complications that are part and parcel of the any rhinoplasty procedure. These include:

  • Bleeding: A likely side effect that will subside within a day or two of the surgery.
  • Broken Capillaries: These will appear on your skin as little red dots.
  • Deformities: This is something that can happen if you don’t follow the recovery procedure as laid out by our medical team. Your new nose will be fragile after surgery so ensure it stays clear of any potential accidents.
  • Bad Reaction To Anesthesia: This is extremely rare and you should notify our team if you have ever had issues with any form of anesthetic or medication.
  • Asymmetry: On rare occasions, the nose may not be perfectly symmetrical. A small percentage of revisions occur each year in clinics throughout the world.

The transformation from male to female is one that takes over your body and mind. While we cannot control the mental aspect, our medical team will ensure that the physical aspect will be 100% to your satisfaction. Book an appointment for one of our nose surgery services today and love the face we give you.