Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Cost and Reviews in Bangkok, Phuket

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Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Cost and Reviews in Bangkok, Phuket

Price list

  • Thailand Cosmetic surgery Prices 70% less! Same surgery saving most patients upto 70% vs. Australia, US, NZ in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Samui.

  • Enough to pay for your entire Holiday trip to Thailand!

For Quote: Photographs required for Specific area: Please send 5 pictures of your specific area treatment:

  • 1 frontal photograph, 1 profile photograph of each side and 1 3/4 profile photograph of each side.
  • Details: Age, Weight and Height
  • Prices – cost – rates: Plastic Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Treatments, Hair transplantation, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Genital Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Medical Screening & Anti-aging.
  • Prices / rates are fully inclusive: admission fees, doctors’ fees, anesthetic and all our aftercare following the procedure

Liposuction: Vaser Liposuction & Body tite Liposuction 40,000THB/area/1,333usd

  1. Under Chin  50,000THB
  2. Arm 2 sides 70,000THB
  3. Upper Abdominal 40,000THB
  4. Lower Abdominal 40,000THB
  5. Upper & Lower Abdominal 80,000THB
  6. Waist 70,000THB
  7. Flank/Love handles 70,000THB
  8. Upper & Lower Abs + Waist 140,000THB with All inclusive
  9. Upper & Lower Abs + Waist + Flank/Love Handles 170,000THB with All inclusive
  10. Inner Thigh 40,000THB
  11. Outer Thigh 40,000THB
  12. Inner & Outer Thigh 80,000THB
  13. Promotion: Upper Arm + Upper & Lower Abs + Upper Thigh 195,000THB
  14. Back 80,000THB

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Why are photographs & Medical history are necessary?

  • Not only are photographs and brief medical history necessary to avoid paying for an unnecessary and more expensive surgical procedure, but also to determine whether the surgery for which you have come to us is the best type of surgery for you.
  • Photographs and brief medical history are essential for our Surgeons to analyze your case, to know how to proceed and offer you the personalized treatment that sets us apart.
  • Your photographs and brief medical history also enable us to make a more precise quote
  • The consultation is 100% free and your inquiry is made in complete confidence.
  • The price we quote mostly surgery procedure will including the 1 or 2 nights stay