Brow Reduction (MtF)

Brow Reduction Is One Step Closer To Feminization

  • brow reductionNo one has the right to tell you what sex to be. It’s your decision and one which should be respected by those who genuinely care about you.

  • However, completing the physical transformation from male to female to match your mind’s representation of who you are can be difficult.

  • Those who are biologically male will have a large bony ridge above the eyes that is distinctively male in appearance.

The Brow Reduction Procedure

Altering this problem is a key factor in becoming a woman in physical terms and brow reduction is one of the most important procedures. Brow reduction essentially means reducing the size of your forehead and making it rounder and more feminine. The procedure is as follows:

  • Like brow boss contouring, an incision is made from ear to ear on the top of your scalp.
  • Our surgeons then pull the forehead skin down which reveals the forehead bones.
  • The orbital rims, the most solid and prominent bone, are found and shaved down.
  • There is also bone over your frontal sinuses and this can be more difficult to remove.
  • Generally, our medical team will shave down these bones as well for a more feminine look if they are thick enough.
  • On occasion, shaving is not enough for a successful brow reduction. This may happen if the sinus bones are deemed to be too thin to shave down. In this instance, our team will use a special bone filler to fill in those hollow areas around the forehead.
  • The process of Forehead Reconstruction is necessary if the patient has a very pronounced male forehead ridge. This is the most invasive brow reduction technique and involves shaving the orbital rims before completely removing the bone which is situated over the front sinus bone. Our medical team then reshapes this bone and resets it with titanium screws or wires.
  • Yet another brow reduction technique involves shaving the sinus bones thin which makes them flexible and allows our surgeons to place them in the right position.


  • The majority of patients who undergo brow reduction at an Urban Beauty Thailand clinic only need to spend one night in hospital.
  • If you are required to stay longer, you won’t be too upset because all of our rooms are designed to resemble hotel rooms in terms of comfort and style.
  • A dressing will be placed around your forehead and will be removed 24 hours after surgery.
  • You are able to wash your hair gently and shower once the bandages are removed.
  • You are likely to be in pain for a few days but we will provide you with all the painkilling medication you need.
  • You can go back to work within 4 days of the procedure but we recommend that you avoid strenuous activities for at least 8-10 days after the procedure because this is when all staples and sutures are removed.

Urban Beauty Thailand invites you to undergo brow reduction surgery which will help complete your physical transformation into a woman. Allow our world class team of surgeons who have studied in various English speaking countries to make you look like a beautiful woman. For just 100,000 baht (less than $3,300), you no longer have to look in the mirror and see a stranger. Contact us today, book an appointment and we will do the rest.