Brow Lift (MtF)

Make Yourself Even More Beautiful

With A Brow Lift

If you are 100% serious about embarking on a complete physical transformation from a man into a woman, you need to combine a brow lift with other face feminization procedures to get the full female effect.

There is a marked difference between the eyebrows of the sexes.

  • A male eyebrow is straight, thick and sit just underneath the orbital rims.
  • A female eyebrow is located just above the orbital rims, is far more arched than a male brow and is much thinner.
  • The majority of people will still see you as a male if you don’t have a brow lift on top of any other procedures you are considering.
  • Generally, a brow lift is combined with brow boss contouring or brow reduction for a startling transformation.

Here are a few things you need to know about a brow lift:

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    The brow lift procedure is often performed during the same surgery as brow boss contouring. The surgeon can use the same incision and provide a ‘two for one’ face feminization surgical procedure.

  • When the brow lift is performed by itself, the surgeon makes small incisions and repositions the skin of the patient’s forehead. The scars that remain are minimal and practically invisible.
  • You are given local or general anesthetic.
  • The procedure normally takes a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • Although a night in hospital is normal after a brow lift, this may not even be necessary.
  • The level of pain felt afterwards is not very severe and can be effectively treated with analgesics.


Brow Lift Recovery

  • Your forehead may be numb for a short while after the surgery.
  • Those who undergo a brow lift after a coronal incision was made may find that this numbness remains for a few weeks.
  • You need complete rest in your hotel room for 2 days after the procedure.
  • When you book an appointment for a brow lift with Urban Beauty Thailand, we will help you find suitable accommodation to make the recovery process easier.
  • If your frontal bone has not undergone the contouring procedure, you should be able to return to work within 10 days. Otherwise, you will require up to 3 weeks off work.
  • Just as well you have decided to have a brow lift in Thailand where paradise awaits with an incredible amount of tourist attractions and sources of entertainment on offer.
  • Imagine spending three long, miserable weeks having to recover at home and compare this to convalescence on golden sands and clear water.

There is the possibility that your spirits may feel a little low after this procedure. This is quite normal and our staff are here to help and listen to your concerns. We believe that Urban Beauty Thailand is the best place on Earth for cosmetic procedures because our surgeons have the at least the same skill level as surgeons in the West, the procedure is less than half the price and you also enjoy a vacation as a bonus.

Your spirits will be lifted once you look in the mirror and see a stunning woman staring back. This is what you have always dreamed of and it’s so close you can almost taste the freedom. Contact us now and we will make your dreams come true.