Brow Boss Contouring (MtF)

Explaining Brow Boss Contouring

  • Besides the Adam’s Apple, the forehead is possibly the most obvious indication of a person’s sex.

  • Males have long foreheads and if someone is undergoing face feminization surgery, changing the structure of her forehead is one of the things that should be taken care of first.

Brow bossing is another name for the heavy bony ridge located just above the eyes and underneath the eyebrows in a man. Brow boss contouring is the process of altering this bone surgically for a permanent result. There are rare occasions when brow boss contouring may even involve removing the bone and reshaping it before placing it back in the skull.

  • browThere is also the possibility that brow boss contouring will involve placing small titanium screws or wires to keep the bone in place until it heals.
  • There may be an implant placed in the area to give the forehead a more rounded and feminine appearance.
  • Acrylate fill or porous metals can be used for this forehead bossing.
  • All of this will be discussed when you book an appointment with Urban Beauty Thailand.



Here is a rundown on how brow boss contouring actually works:

  • Coronal Incision: One of the two most frequent brow boss contouring incisions, a coronal incision is placed on the top of the head and is a cut from ear to ear.
  • Hairline Incision: This is the other common incision and involves a cut made along the hairline. This incision is performed on patients who have a receding hairline and are in need of a scalp advancement along with the regular brow boss contouring procedure.
  • The surgeon gains access to the forehead bone and starts the process of contouring.
  • In many cases, shaving of the forehead bone is sufficient.
  • On rare occasions, the surgeon may have to reconstruct the wall of the frontal sinuses.
  • It is also rare when the surgeon is forced to place a surgical paste as a means of smoothing out the forehead.
  • The soft tissues of the forehead will be lifted to adapt the eyebrows to the new outline of the skull and a feminine shaped forehead will be the result.

Of all the face feminization surgeries available, brow boss contouring may well be the one with the least amount of pain during the recovery. Swelling is normal and you are likely to feel a little bit numb for a few months after the procedure. As the eyebrows take months to settle, facial expressions will probably be difficult to achieve as well. You are likely to be able to return to your normal life within 10 days. We also recommend sleeping with your head elevated and covered with an ice pack for the first day after brow boss contouring.

Thailand is one of the most liberal places in the world when it comes to expressing yourself. There is no need to feel self-conscious during your recovery period because at Urban Beauty Thailand, we will do everything in our power to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We will recommend the best attractions where you can enjoy the wonders of Thailand without any problems. Unlike in the West, we respect a person’s right to be free within themselves. Contact us now to talk about brow boss contouring and a new you.