Alarplasty (MtF)

Alarplasty Is One Of T he Simplest, Most Effective Ways To Feminize Your Face

alar plasty mtf rhinoplasty thailand bangkokThe process of transforming yourself from a biologically born male to a female is a lengthy but rewarding one. However, a host of different procedures are needed to make the transformation look total. The face may only comprise a relatively small percentage of each person but it throws up the most interesting and difficult challenges for surgeons.

Changing the shape of the nose is a vital part of physically becoming a woman. Men tend to have larger and wider noses than women. Although there are all-encompassing nose surgery options, many of them are too expensive and wide scale for people to undertake. An alarplasty on the other hand, is a quick, effective and inexpensive form of rhinoplasty that will narrow the span of the nostrils and the alar base. It is generally performed along with a full rhinoplasty but you can have it by itself if need be and it’s an especially relevant surgery for those with flared nostrils and wide openings.

alar plasty mtf rhinoplasty thailandThe Procedure

Alarplasty really is as simple as it is effective:

  • Incisions are made at the base of the nostrils
  • A wedge-shaped piece is taken from the outer base of each nostril
  • Once the surgery is finished (that’s it!), a bandage or splint will be placed on your nose to protect it

Can you believe that an alarplasty is so little work? Don’t let the simplicity of the procedure fool you. An alarplasty can make a significant difference to your face. Instead of having a strong male nose, you will be blessed with a cute female nose that fits in well with the rest of your feminine traits and appearance.

alar plasty rhinoplasty thailandPrior To Surgery

Before you are allowed to undergo an alarplasty, our medical team will need to ask a few questions relating to your health. We need to determine if you have pre-existing medical conditions that could compromise your safety during the surgery. We will also fully discuss the likely outcome and weigh that up against your expectations. You are asked to stop the following (preferably weeks before the procedure):

  • Smoking (as this could increase bleeding)
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol
  • Use of recreational drugs

Recovering From An Alarplasty

You will feel some discomfort and mild pain in the nose area but our medical team will provide you with adequate medication which you may need to take for several days. Keep your head elevated above your chest for a few days after the surgery to keep swelling to a minimum. There will still be swelling in the nose after 2-3 days but the pain should be gone. There may be bleeding for up to 48 hours after the procedure with the swelling and bruising disappearing with 14 days.

You will need to visit Urban Beauty Thailand 3 days after the surgery so we can remove the splint/bandage. We also require you to come into the clinic for another check up after 10 days. This is for your own good and we only ever have your safety in mind. You can return to work within 14 days but avoid any activities that expose your nose to potential harm for a full month after the Alarplasty.

On the surface, it seems as if an alarplasty is a basic procedure. At just 15,000 baht (less than $500), it is one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures there is. Yet a success alarplasty will have a profound effect on your face. The process of narrowing the span of your nostrils will immediately make you look more feminine. For the most cost effective means of feminizing your nose, book an appointment today for an alarplasty with Urban Beauty Thailand.