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Possibly one of the most stunning islands you can visit is gorgeous Koh Samui. White sand beaches, palm trees, beautiful resorts and crystal clear waters make Samui the supermodel of the Gulf of Thailand, and a hub for tourists from all over the world.

Being such a center of attention has also lead to many Samui Cosmetic Surgery choices becoming available, to cater for the growing number of cosmetic tourists who want to feel face and body beautiful, whilst staying in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand is highly developed, and although you might be spending your recovery time on a quiet, undeveloped beach in Koh Samui, this does not mean that the Plastic Surgery care and treatments on offer are any less sophisticated than they would be on the mainland or elsewhere in Asia, or even the rest of the world. In fact, Koh Samui is such a draw for those wanting to take advantage of the relatively low costs of surgery and treatments on offer that this alone is enough to attract visitors. The gently lapping waves and restful atmosphere, as well as picture postcard good looks are more than an added allure.

samui-cosmetic-surgery-thailand-face-lift-cosmetic-surgery-thailand-plastic-surgery-bangkok-phuket-liposuction-breast-augmentation  samui-cosmetic-surgery-thailand-face-lift-cosmetic-surgery-thailand-plastic-surgery-bangkok-phuket-liposuction-breast-augmentation

Bangkok Hospital Samui is the only ISO certified island on the hospital and this accreditation means it is a real focal point for those looking for sun, sea and surgery. Whether it is nose job, bigger breasts, or a facelift, you are interested in, being able to sit with a breeze coming in from the water, and immerse yourself in a therapeutic atmosphere, is a wonderful way to complement any Cosmetic Surgery you have had done in Samui, before you return home feeling like you’ve had not just a makeover but also a rejuvenating holiday in the sun as well.

Being part of the Bangkok Hospital group, Bangkok Hospital Samui is connected with many other hospitals throughout Thailand. In fact, it is the fact that Samui is a tourist hot-spot that makes it one of the more appealing places for medical beauty tourists to flocks, as most of the patients being treated or traveling to the island for Cosmetic Surgery, and actually all other types of medical care and attention, are from abroad. This means that there when it comes to communicating with and understanding you, there is an experienced team of people on hand to do so. You might feel you can drift away from the modern world when you sink your feet into the sparkling sands of Samui but when it comes to providing Cosmetic Surgeries, the island is anything but laid-back, and the medical technology, developments and treatments are aimed at a more state-of-art environment.

Urban Beauty Thailand is a bespoke One-Stop Travel and Beauty Solution. With an in-depth knowledge of medical tourism in Thailand and strong affiliations with the top accredited hospitals and treatment centers, we offer you a personalized service by arranging the best medical tourism package for you, from your flights, to whichever Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty Treatments or Dental Treatments are right for you, at the right treatment center, whether in Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, or Pattaya. We also arrange excursions and holiday activities during your stay. Email

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