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  • Facelift Thailand

    Facelift Thailand

    Facelift in Thailand Rhytidectomy, mid face lift, Ulthera Thailand, skin tightening Thailand, Ultherapy, Ulthera Skin Tightening Phuket, laser Facelift & Neck lift, Stem cell Facelift Bangkok

  • Body Sculpting

    Body Sculpting

    Ulthera breastlift Thailand, skin tightening Thailand, Zeltiq coolsculpting, Liposuction Thailand, Vaser liposelection, Smart liposuction, Cool liposuction, Tummy tuck, Stem cell, Butt lift and Breast augmentation Thailand

  • Thailand Plastic Surgery for Men

    Thailand Plastic Surgery for Men

    Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Plastic Surgery & Laser Skin tightening Bangkok, Skin tightening Bangkok, Mini facelift Phuket, gynecomastia Thailand, Stem cell facelift, Gold thread lift, Hair transplant Thailand, Human Growth Hormone, HGH Thailand for Men

  • Thailand Plastic Surgery For Women

    Thailand Plastic Surgery For Women

    Thailand Plastic Surgery & Ulthera Laser facelift Bangkok, Skin tightening Thailand, Stem cell facelift, Gold Thread facelift, Eyelash transplant Thailand for Female Beauty for life.

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Cosmetic Surgery Thailand – Liposuction Fat Removal Thailand by Urban Beauty Thailand

OFFER Cosmetic Surgery Thailand in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya Thailand with a Select Few World Class Surgeons with DECADE Expertise. Coolsculpting, Ulthera Laser Facelift, Ulthera Thailand, Skin tightening – Ultherapy Bangkok, Thailand, Ulthera Thermage Skin tightening Bangkok, Thailand Thread lift. Cosmetic surgery Thailand breast implants, liposuction, facelift, tummy tuck, stemcell, Butt lift

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Breast Augmentation to Facelift

plasticsurgery thailand

chin augmentation and filler

The mast innovation of the fact lifting and lightening skin without surgery. With our special and unique of varity more than 20 threads give the different results. You will feel the skin firming up straight away. And will see the best complete result within two months, dark sport and pre will be seen obviously but also the smoother of facial skin and the improvement of blood circulation are also proved.


  • Urban Beauty Thailand writes with a profound Expat Ladies in Bangkok Magazine on Makeover page and shares the secrets of beauty from makeups to cosmetic surgery.  Giving you a lot of choices on how to be more beautiful in the way you want it to be. Urban Beauty Thailand believes that we are responsible to be your partner towards new life by giving you the best services and surgeons in town. We Love Beauty, we Love people more.

  • At Urban Beauty Thailand, we understand what you need in terms of beauty and wellness.
  • We are committed in providing exceptional value for our patients.
  • This means not only attractive and affordable pricing, but also a dedication to excellent results for our patients


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Were you pleased with the treatment? Staff at Urban Beauty were great! Very attentive, helpful and concerned for the well being of their client. Highly recommend. Price was as they quoted. Treatments  Vaser Liposuction BodyTite™ Rita Thailand, 09 Nov 13. Provided by

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What our patients say

  • chin augmentation and filler

    Read what our patients have to say on result Chin Augmentation + cheek fillers!!! With best results he got and our pride to be a part of Mr. Juancho’s journey towards new life. As he loves beauty and working in one of the top hotels in UAE as the HR head, Mr. Juancho is satisfied with the best results of cheek and chin augmentation with our top surgeon's team and will come back for nose corrective surgery on febraury 2014. Mr. Juancho, UAE dec 19, 2013

    Mr. Juancho, UAE dec 19, 2013 ,

  • thread lift facelift thailand bangkok

    Saving up to 60 % with Latest PDR Threadlift last up 4 years!!! Planning her weekend treatment, our patient Miss Shelley achieved the best gift for herself this year. Saving up to 60% plus $2,000usd from 210,000baht/appx $7,000usd to 150,000baht/5,000usd for all face plus free concierges service. She got the best results right after her treatment and now planning for another treatments on next April. Even though she’s a bit afraid for the first time, gaining her courage from one of our top surgeon with the expertise in threadlifting, Shelley was very happy with the results of PDR Threads + Botox + Fillers. Thanks Miss Shelley for letting us a part of your journey to a more youthful life and see you for your next trip here in Thailand for another young looking journey. Ms. Shelly NZ - November 30, 2013

    Ms. Shelly NZ,

  • whatclinic

    Highly recommend!!! Were you pleased with the treatment? Staff at Urban Beauty were great! Very attentive, helpful and concerned for the well being of their client. Highly recommend. Price was as they quoted. Treatments BodyTite™ Rita Thailand, 09 Nov 13.

    Ms. Rita Thailand, 09 Nov 13,

  • buttock augmentation brazilian lift thailand bkk

    Cosmetic surgery Thailand — See what our clients have to say!! Cosmetic surgery Thailand Q. What can you say about Thailand? A. I absolutely love Thailand! have been there 3 times already. The scenic splendors of the beaches and tropics are soothing to the soul. I love the city life and the people are so gentle and humble.. Can't think of a better place to holiday. Thank you so much Olivia and the team xx Love Sarah! Sydney, Australia

    Love Sarah! Sydney, Australia,

  • jeab1

    I can't thank you enough!!" I love "mid facelift contour" on last Saturday! Threadlift + filler is really help me out! Big Thumb for Your surgeons team - Excellent Job!!! Best budget. "Say Goodbye to my laugh line" I will keep you posted with my after photos......

    Jea Jeab, Pattaya, iPhone, 2-June-12,